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Excitement builds around the MacKillop Saints as local business join the March!

Whilst the MacKillop Saint’s expansion bid is now in the hands of the NRL NT, that hasn’t stopped their club officials from working eagerly toward 2018, securing sponsorships in anticipation of their inclusion.

The MacKillop Saints are a newly formed entity, born from the conclusion of the successful University Sharks/MacKillop Catholic College joint venture club the MacKillop Sharks.

The Saint’s bid overseen by President David Graham is “the most exciting news Rugby League has seen in decades”. “MacKillop Saints makes sense…We have a College dedicated to Rugby League, we have nourished the NRL NT with Referees, players and supporters for years, and now through strong stable governance we seek to overhaul the sports’ mindsets and bench marks of how strong, stable clubs operate.” “Territory business operators appreciate professionalism and communication, at Saint’s we have a team of skilled professionals who can offer real returns for their support. This is evident in the noteworthy group of businesses we have already brought into the MacKillop Saints family”.

Today’s travel partner sponsorship signing with the Flight Centre Palmerston is a crucial step toward the type of opportunities the MacKillop Saints wish to provide its players. “With this partnership we will give our players, (individuals and teams) the opportunity to tour not only Australia but the World, and we intend to do so very soon!” Mr. Graham said.

Ms. Annika Frensdorff, Manager and part owner at Flight Centre Palmerston, “Today was a fantastic opportunity for Flight Centre Palmerston as we have a long history of community engagement. The Saints team has such a passion for the club and I have no doubt they will achieve wonderful things. My team at Flight Centre Palmerston and I are excited to be a part of this amazing journey. Our vision is to open up the world to those who want to see and we are beyond excited to support the MacKillop Saints as they strive towards these goals.

With a planned tour to Sydney for both Junior Girls and Boys in mid-2018 and a Seniors International trip planned as early as 2018/19 to Canada the future looks bright at the MacKillop Saints.

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