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The MacKillop Saints Rugby League Football Club and distinguished artist Mr. Les (Lipuwurrunga) Huddleston have joined forces to celebrate and raise awareness of Indigenous culture.

Internationally acclaimed artist, Les Huddleston has been an active artist, teacher and cultural adviser in the Northern Territory for over 35 years. Acclaimed for his highly sought after Indigenous artwork, Les is renowned for his versatility and skills in many areas including painting, prints, carvings and even Didgeridoo playing.

Working with the MacKillop Saints, Mr. Huddleston has produced two beautiful purpose made paintings for use by the football club. The jerseys themselves feature strong totem animals and symbols of coastal life in the Northern Territory, and are intended to be inclusive of all Aboriginal peoples of this region.

Working in schools himself for 20 years, Mr. Huddleston said of the occasion, “It’s about education. Our Aboriginal children need to be strong in our culture. It is with immense pride and happiness that I can help pass on our traditions and teach respect to Non-Aboriginal Australians.

The MacKillop Saints, whose bid to join the NRL NT is now just over 12 months old, are ecstatic about the rapid success of this initiative. MacKillop Saints Club President David Graham said, "As a club, we are committed to increasing participation levels and opportunities for Indigenous players. “We are privileged to have connections to one of the world’s oldest & continuous cultural group- with languages & traditions going back 70,000 years. The MacKillop Saints are dedicated to the progression of our young Indigenous brothers and sisters to thrive and achieve their potential in their sport, work, study and home lives".

The Jerseys will be featured as part of the NRL NT’s Indigenous round with aspirations to auction some of the Jerseys to aid Aboriginal Health in the NT.

See more of Mr. Huddleston’s amazing work at

L to R: Darcy Simpson, Shoanah Leedie

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