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Today marks the start of a major new chapter in the life of the MacKillop Saints Sporting Association. Today the MacKillop Saints are proud to unveil the launch of the Saints Running Team! Starting March 2019, families and friends of the MacKillop Saints will enjoy a brand-new opportunity to get active, compete, socialise and make friends. The MacKillop Saints Running Club will commence on Tuesday 5th March 2019, featuring a weekly running event every Tuesday morning from 6:30am - 7:30am. These events, complimented by occasional timed runs and our two feature events for the year will build on our existing strong strength and conditioning focus.

Members will enjoy a standard complimentary breakfast every Tuesday from 7:40am as well as Running team shorts and singlet/shirt.

Whether you are looking to join a group to get motivated, want to start running or simply want to improve your personal best, MacKillop Saints Running Club is the place for you. See you in March!

Visit our site today:

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