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Round 1 Team Announced for the Eels Cup: Boys

Round 1 Team Announced for the Eels Cup

Congratulations to all players from the Eels Cup Invitational Training Squad who were named in the the team for Round 1 -

  1. Zac Morgan

  2. Brayden Tilley

  3. Kayden Heikkinen

  4. Dylan Mugadza (VC)

  5. Toby Roberts

  6. Beau Ryan

  7. Izaiah Waters

  8. Justin Hemopo

  9. Brandon McConnell

  10. Talan Krout

  11. Harry Fulton

  12. Liam Kennedy (C)

  13. Jett Wilson

  14. Brandon Norris

  15. DJ Brown

  16. Jye Mallett

  17. Jack James

  18. Josh Chiplen

  19. Isaiah Baldock*

  20. Konnar Black*

* To be confirmed

Unavailable - Ryan Gleeson & Noah Pinheiro

An analysis of the team shows that Academy Head Coach, Matthew Sharp, has made some interesting selections in key positions across the team. When asked about selections, he offered the following statements -

‘From fullback to bench, I am happy with how this team list has come together. We have been training well as a team of late and all players will be ready for Rd. 1 against our old rivals, Taminmin, no matter which jersey is on their back. Some players have been named in positions strategically and I am looking for impact off our bench. Few teams in this competition would be able to boast about having the likes of NT Rugby 7s representative, Brandon Norris, coming off their bench. It's going to be difficult for tired players to stop his fresh set of legs coming on late into the half’.

When asked about which players to keep an eye out for during the first round, Sharp said he was looking towards Kayden Heikkinen and Justin Hemopo to have big games adding that both have been playing in the Cup since they were in Year 9 and that he felt this was their year as taking on leadership roles would bring out the best in them.

Sharp also pointed towards impact back, Isaiah Baldock, as a player who will be instrumental in this campaign saying -

‘Isaiah is a gifted natural footballer and a natural leader who is looked up to by his peers. He is also caught up with representative AFL at this time but I hope he will make himself available for selection in this tournament. He is a key player in our team and has won games for us on his own in the past - like the Top End Shield of 2018. I have big wraps on this young man and believe he has representative potential in Rugby League’.

Spectators wishing to watch the game on Wednesday 18th of March are encouraged to attend TRL Stadium for the 4pm kick off.

Best of luck to the Saints and all involved.

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