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A New Rugby League Rivalry: MacKillop Saints vs. Palmerston College Clontarf in a Middle School Show

In an eagerly anticipated clash on the rugby league calendar, the MacKillop Saints and Palmerston College Clontarf Middle School Boys teams are set to face off at MacKillop Field on Wednesday, 23rd August. With both teams eager to prove their mettle, this showdown promises to be a thrilling battle of skill, strategy, and teamwork.

The lunchtime kickoff is sure to attract a raucous crowd, as fans gather to witness the clash of these young rugby league talents. The spotlight will be on the MacKillop Saints, who will introduce five fresh faces to the field with Zac Waters, Tyler Heikkinen, Elye Clout, Will Leibelt, and Josh Crowhurst set to make their debuts in this pivotal match.

Leading the charge for the Saints is none other than Jackson Jones, who will captain the team and guide them through the twists and turns of this high-stakes encounter. Jones's leadership and experience are expected to provide a strong foundation for the team's performance.

Two notable players from the Eels Cup-winning squad, Tinashe Matadi and Jaxon Boulton, will be counted on to provide guidance and inspiration to the junior players. Their experience and skill will undoubtedly play a crucial role in steering the Saints towards victory.

Palmerston College Clontarf Middle School, on the other hand, is entering the contest with a clear intent to make their presence felt. With an eye on the upcoming Palmerston Cup carnival in Week 9, the Clontarf team will be keen to deliver a standout performance away from home.

Mr. Matthew Sharp, the coach of the MacKillop Saints, expressed his excitement about the upcoming match, highlighting it as a crucial opportunity to assess the new players within the program. He singled out two students, one of which has been revealed as George Tekopua, as players who are likely to shine and leave a lasting impact on the field.

As the countdown to this epic clash continues, fans and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the spectacle that the MacKillop Saints and Palmerston College Clontarf Middle School teams are sure to deliver. With fresh faces, seasoned stars, and an electric atmosphere, Wednesday's rugby league showdown is bound to be a day to remember. Be sure to mark your calendars and witness the next generation of rugby league talent in action!

Saints team list -

1. Tinashe Matadi

2. Ralph Lonsdale

3. George Tekopua

4. Rohan Cram

5. Zed Buzza

6. Jackson Jones (C)

7. Mason De La Pair (vc)

8. Kallen Cunningham

9. [Year 8 student]

10. Khai Nguyen

11. Jaxon Boulton

12. Cooper Moore

13. Kole Heikkinen

14. Sonny Watkinson

15. Oscar Roberts

16. Tyler Heikkinen

17. Elye Clout

18. Zac Waters

19. Josh Crowhurst

20. William Leibelt

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