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Grade of Origin Update

In a thrilling display of skill and teamwork, the Year 10 squad triumphed as the champions of the 2024 Jack Cox Commemorative Plate, securing the prestigious Grade of Origin title with a decisive 26-4 victory over Year 9. 

The match commenced with an air of anticipation, as Year 9, the underdogs, dominated the early game. Nathan Wilson, a standout celebrity player from the younger team, led with a series of powerful runs, suggesting a potential upset was at hand. 

However, despite their control over the game, Year 9, donning the blue indigenous jerseys, failed to convert their dominance into points. The tide turned when winger Zac Leibenberg, executed a spectacular catch from Vaiola Tofilua’s crossfield kick, landing a try that electrified the crowd. This followed two initial tries by Cooper Moore, who was later named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game, and who also scored a third try in the second half. 

Year 10’s victory was further cemented by tries from Rohan Cram, who cleverly capitalized on a sneak kickoff, Brodie Peacock, who scored the final try in an unconventional pair of black leather shoes, and team captain Alex Liddle, who had the privilege of awarding the Plate to Year 10 Coordinator Ms. Lashbrook. 

Ms. Lashbrook expressed immense pride in her team’s performance and was always confident in their ability to win the Plate. She commended the Year 9 team and their coordinator, Mr Di Donato, for their commendable sportsmanship. Mr Di Donato added a forward-looking statement, urging Mr Tunstall to begin preparing the current Year 8 team for next year’s challenge, aiming to overcome the disappointment of this year’s loss. 

Gratitude was extended to all participants and supporters who contributed to making the 2024 Grade of Origin a memorable event. 

Phil Connors - On-site Reporter

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