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Palmerston Cup: Year 12 look to finish winning silverware in their ‘Last Dance’

This Wednesday at 12.30pm, the MacKillop Saints Open Boys Rugby League team will defend their 2019 Palmerston Cup title against Palmerston College at MacKillop Field before what will certainly be a healthy home crowd.

In a game that has been described as ‘The Last Dance’ for the Year 12 members of the team, the final siren will sound the end of a successful era of Saints football for a number of long term players including captains Jayden Hunter and Dan Hausler; 2018 Player of the Year, Stepheno George; and club veterans Zane McConnell, Jade Harland, Dan Neuman, Mitch Hausler, Jackson Chisholm, Harry Hall as well as Jake Crawley, who will all hang up their boots for the final time with the Saints.

Head Coach, Mr. Matthew Sharp, when caught up with earlier today for comment said that although Wednesday’s match will be one of celebration, reflection and perhaps even a little bit of sadness for the departing players, all of the squad have their minds firmly focused on winning the Cup.

‘The departing class of 2020 is a special one for me’ Sharp said, ‘as the bulk of the squad formed the core of my first ever team at MacKillop Catholic College. It was a team that went on to play in the club’s first appearance in the Eels Cup grand final in 2018. We trained well during our mini-camp last week and I am confident all players will be ready to regain the trophy come game time’.

Sharp announced the team this morning, live from Cullen Bay –

Saints Palmerston Cup Squad –

1) Stepheno George

2) Jackson Chisholm

3) Harry Hall

4) Dan Hausler (vc)

5) Dylan Mugadza

6) Beau Ryan (Opens debut)

7) Nathan Dixon

8) Zane McConnell

9) Brandon McConnell

10) Justin Hemopo

11) Liam Kennedy

12) Mitchell Hausler

13) Jake Crawley

14) Jayden Hunter ©

15) Daniel Neuman

16) Jade Harland

17) Eli Bamford-Brice

18) Ryan Gleeson

19) Keelan Edwards

20) Brandon Norris

Squad players – Izaiah Waters & Darcy Nalder.

As an added motivation, Club President, Mr. David Graham, kindly agreed to letting the players take home their jersey if he sees a good performance on the day. President Graham was impressed with how the squad trained last week and identified young players Dylan Mugadza, Beau Ryan and Brandon Norris as key pieces in the team who will be looking to support the elder players capably.

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