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Saints Secure Eels Cup Victory

In a thrilling finale to the Eels Cup, the MacKillop Saints U16s boys rugby league team defeated Taminmin College by 16-10 in the Grand Final held last night at TIO Stadium. The Saints displayed grit and determination throughout the game, which paid off in the end as they clinched the championship for the third time.

The match was a closely contested affair with both teams putting in their best effort. However, it was the Saints who took the early lead, thanks to a try from Ethan McKenzie. Trent Harvey and Jaxon Boulton also scored a try each to give the Saints a commanding lead, which they held on to till the end.

Although Taminmin College fought back hard, they couldn't overcome the determined Saints team. They managed to score two tries but it wasn't enough to catch up with the Saints who held on to their lead till the end.

The Saints were also fortunate to have the outstanding performance of their prop, TJ Van Der Walt, who was named the player of the match. Van Der Walt's powerful runs and solid defence helped the Saints maintain their lead and emerge as the deserving winners.

The result is a remarkable achievement for the MacKillop Saints rugby league team as they have now won their third championship in the Eels Cup, having made five of the last six grand final matches. This consistency in performance is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team, their coaching staff, and the support of their fans.

The victory will no doubt serve as a morale booster for the Saints, who will be looking to continue their winning streak and build on their success in the upcoming Catholic Cup tie against O’Loughling College in Week 9. With talented players like Lachlan Coble, Nash White, Zion Lafaele-Selio, and Jack Elliott leading the charge, the Saints are well poised to make a mark in the rugby league world.

In conclusion, the MacKillop Saints U16s boys rugby league team's victory over Taminmin College in the Eels Cup Grand Final was a well-deserved one. The team's determination, hard work, and consistency paid off, and they emerged as worthy champions. Congratulations to the MacKillop Saints on their success, and we wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

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