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Saints Senior Boys Rugby League Team Complete Perfect Season

In a remarkable showcase of prowess, unwavering resolve, and cohesive teamwork, the Saints Senior Boys Rugby League team concluded an impeccable season with a compelling 36-18 victory over SEDA College in today's riveting match at TRL Stadium.

The match was a nail-biter from start to finish, with both teams going try for try, creating an electric atmosphere in the stadium. However, it was the Saints who pulled away in the last 10 minutes, showcasing their resilience and stamina in the face of a formidable SEDA outfit.

The hero of the day was none other than Manu Carter, who was named the Most Valuable Player after a stellar performance. Carter opened the scoring with a try underneath the posts in the opening sets of the match. While he could have secured a hat trick, he generously donated his final try to hooker Dan Murphy, highlighting the team's camaraderie and unselfish play.

Team captain, Koen Hughes, and fullback William McCallum both played pivotal roles in the victory, contributing to the scoreboard with impressive long-range efforts that left the opposition struggling to catch up.

A notable debutant for the Saints was Finley McMullan, a rugby union specialist from England, who didn't look out of place in the navy and ochre jersey. McMullan's debut showcased his adaptability and potential, hinting that he might have a future in rugby league, a game his Northern English counterparts excel in.

Coach Sharp expressed his satisfaction with the team's performance, acknowledging the challenging contest posed by SEDA College. He commended former Saints players who donned the opposition jersey. For the Saints he made a note of specifically highlighting prop forwards Noah Ferguson and Jayden Lih for their fearless charges and body-on-the-line defense.

The man in the middle, Referee Marcos Steinhardt, earned praise for his expert control of the game, ensuring a fair and competitive environment for both teams.

As the curtain falls on a remarkable season, the Saints Senior Boys Rugby League team can bask in the glory of their achievements which also included an undefeated Eels Cup Championship and a retained Palmerston Cup. The perfect season is a testament to their dedication, teamwork, and skill, leaving an indelible mark on the NT schools rugby league scene.

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